management services

We offer various levels of management and work closely with our clients and their advisors to determine, design and implement the desired level of management and control.

Our range of management solutions include:

1. Corporate directors
2. Personal directors
3. Personal directors employed by the Dutch company
4. Industry experts employed by the Dutch company

Adjusting your substance in the Netherlands.
The elected level of management and control can be easily adjusted to meet the client’s required level of substance in the Netherlands.

We offer an unique proposition whereby we can set-up and service any client ranging from a dormant holding company to a fully operational factory. 

We know that pro-active management is the best way to effectively manage our clients’ companies. Current laws, regulations and business conditions are taken into account when setting up each structure. These factors can change over time and it is the management’s responsibility to anticipate these changes and to recognize the opportunities or threats. That is why at Local only the partners handle the client accounts ensuring knowledge, continuity and efficiency.